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Monarch Spas were a good quality spa. They are no longer manufactured. Spare parts & repairs can still be carried out. 







Monarch Duchess


 Duchess. Ever tried looking for that classic spa shape of long ago only to find 10 different models with bucket seats, accupressure seats, and recliners that take up too much seating room? Introducing the Monarch Duchess - the classic spa pool, reborn.  

Seats: 6

Dimensions: 1.95m x 1.95m

Featuring bench seating so you can comfortably squeeze in a few extra bodies when needed, the Duchess is not only economical, but easily meets all your daily usage requirements.  

Monarch Sire


 Sire. Imagine an exclusive place where you and your soul mate can share private moments together while melting away the cares of the day.
Seats: 3

Dimensions: 1.98m x 1.64m

Beneath the subtle curves of this beautiful spa, lies a powerful, high performance hydrotherapy machine powered by the V500 Vertigo™ pump.  

Featuring the hallmark Duo Love Seats, and a fully jetted Recliner, the Sire offers the ultimate in hydrotherapy from the smallest footprint.  

Monarch Entertainer


Entertainer. The Duchess Entertainer is designed for those people who want the quality of a Monarch spa at an affordable price. The perfect spa for families with young children as the shallow, wrap around bench seat is perfect for toddlers or extra guests   

Seats: 6

Dimensions: 1.95m x 1.95m

Monarch Earl


 Earl. The Earl is the perfect portable spa for those terraces or patios that you just aren't sure what to do with. A spacious interior with multi-level, barrier-free seating and an over-sized foot well accommodates up to 5 people in absolute comfort.  

Seats: 5

Dimensions: 1.95m x 1.95m

Designed from the ground up to be a single pump system, the Earl is highly affordable yet doesn't sacrifice the extras that make our spas so great.

The Earl comes equipped with the best of the Monarch name - a SportSage™ bucket seat, Vertigo™ pump therapy, and Monarch's renown Triple Seal Insulation™ which dramatically cuts running costs.  

Monarch Viscount


 Viscount. The epitome of hydrotherapy - the Viscount provides the benefits of true hydrotherapy in one complete yet compact spa.  

Seats: 5

Dimensions: 1.95m x 1.95m

The Viscount features a single recliner for practicing your relaxing with a book and 4 bucket seats to really get the tension out of your back. Enjoy the luxury hydrotherapy spa everyday at a fraction of the cost of a daily personal masseuse. 

The Viscount is ideal for a pre or post-workout regime. A pre-workout soak warms-up and loosens muscles to increase flexibility and range of motion. Post-workout, a relaxing soak is a great way to treat fatigued muscles - up to 58 jets massage your body, reducing or even eliminating the stiffness typically felt the next day.  

Monarch Contessa


 Contessa. The Monarch Contessa is easily one of the most romantic spas in the world. From body-hugging contoured seats to the gorgeous 4 person seating style, if you are looking for the ultimate sensual hydrotherapy experience, the Contessa may just be it.   

Seats: 4

Dimensions: 1.95m x 1.95m

Monarch Jubilee


Jubilee. If the Monarch lifestyle feels like it might be outside of your financial comfort zone, relax. Take a look at the Monarch Jubilee. With Monarch's design and engineering expertise is built into every model, the Jubilee continues to be our best-selling family model, year after year.   

Seats: 8

Dimensions: 2.32m x 2.32m

Monarch Crown


 Crown. The Crown is a new model for 2007. It incorporates all of the latest Monarch technology. The Crown is designed as a rectangular spa measuring 2320mm x 1950mm. This makes it perfect for those who desire a long lounger, but may be tight on space.   

Seats: 5

Dimensions: 2.32m x 1.95m

Monarch Sultan


 Sultan. Subtle curves accompanied by the peaceful sounds of the waterfall and the warm romantic glow of underwater lighting soothe your mind, body, and spirit. 

Seats: 5

Dimensions: 2.15m x 2.15m

Step up to a higher degree of indulgence in a spa that gives everybody in the family room to loosen up in unrestricted comfort. At 2.15m x 2.15m, the Sultan provides all the features of a full-size spa, cleverly packed into a more compact space.

Monarch Regal


 Regal. The Regal is quite simply the ultimate spa. With seating for 8, more than 60 water jets, 3 x 3hp pumps and Monarch's programmable circulation pump, the Regal is the new flag ship of the Monarch portables range  

Seats: 8

Dimensions: 2.32m x 2.32m

Monarch Grand Duke


 Regal. The Regal is quite simply the ultimate spa. With seating for 8, more than 60 water jets, 3 x 3hp pumps and Monarch's programmable circulation pump, the Regal is the new flag ship of the Monarch portables range  

 Seats: 12

Dimensions: 3.02m x 2.335m

Monarch Marquis


 Marquis. The Marquis is not just an all-new, class-leading performance spa pool. It's the ultimate relaxation machine. Upon first glance, its stylish curves and elegance conceal its brawn.  

Seats: 8

Dimensions: 2.32m x 2.32m

Monarch Majestic


 Majestic. The Majestic exudes classic Monarch engineering and refinement. It is the perfect place to unwind after a day's work and relax catching up with all the family. 

Advanced hydrotherapy in seven seats, all featuring unique jet combinations to stimulate every part of your body. With endorphin release and a warm cozy atmosphere, the Majestic is perfect for ensuring a special night, every night.   

Seats: 8

Dimensions: 2.32m x 2.32m

Monarch Knight


 Knight. The Knight put simply is the ultimate party machine. With its ergonomic seating, foot massagers, cyclone whirlpool, and waterfall; when you who experience the Knight your definitions of relaxation and fun transform.  

Seats: 8

Dimensions: 2.32m x 2.32m

Its unique octagonal shape means all spa users are facing one another while being fully pampered in hydrotherapy bucket seats, ensuring that blissfully happy conversation is never far away. Adding to the fun is the soothing interplay of water and light which sets the stage for a spectacular evening that you and your guests will never forget.  

Monarch Royale



The new, innvoative Royale represents a unique blend of design, dynamism, functionality and smart hydrotherapy.

Based on the highly successful Monarch Jubilee, the new Royale is designed to appeal to the discerning value-minded consumer whose emphasis lies in pure unadulterated hydrotherapy. Featuring ergonomic buckets seats, two full length loungers and an enhanced SportSage™ seat with therapy collar, the Royal cocoons you in warm stimulation. 

Seats: 6

Dimensions: 2.32m x 2.32m

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